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  1. Investment in Veterans: Elizabeth emphasizes the need to invest in veterans after their service ends. This includes workforce development programs tailored to veterans’ needs and increased funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Ensuring veterans have access to housing, healthcare, and employment opportunities is crucial.
  2. Support for Ukraine: Elizabeth stands firmly in support of Ukraine’s fight for survival. She advocates for continued assistance to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. This includes military aid, diplomatic support, and economic assistance.
  3. Standing Up to Autocrats: Elizabeth believes in holding autocratic leaders accountable. Whether it’s standing up to Vladimir Putin or other authoritarian regimes, she emphasizes the importance of defending democratic values and human rights.
  4. Supporting Our Allies: Elizabeth supports providing aid to our allies, especially those involved in conflict, while ensuring we uphold human rights and democratic principles. This approach ensures that U.S. assistance promotes positive change and aligns with American values of freedom and liberty.
  5. Increased Humanitarian Aid in Gaza: Elizabeth recognizes the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. She advocates for increased funding to address urgent needs, including healthcare, food, and shelter for civilians affected by conflict.