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  1. Federal Renter Protections: Elizabeth supports federal renter protections. These measures aim to ensure fair treatment for renters, prevent eviction, and provide stability in the housing market.

  2. Increasing the Supply of Affordable Housing: Elizabeth advocates for a comprehensive approach to the housing crisis. This includes a $450 billion investment over a decade into the Housing Trust Fund to build or preserve rental units. By increasing the supply of affordable housing, we can address housing shortages and affordability challenges.

  3. Multi-Modal Transportation Infrastructure: To tackle the I-95 backlog and reduce traffic congestion, Elizabeth emphasizes the importance of investing in multi-modal transportation infrastructure. This includes improving public transportation options, such as buses and passenger rail, to provide alternatives to I-95’s bumper-to-bumper traffic.

  4. Frequent and Reliable Service from PWC to Fredericksburg: Elizabeth will work to expand Metro down the I-95 corridor and secure funding for fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail VRE service connecting Prince William County to Fredericksburg to Richmond. Enhancing rail connectivity will alleviate traffic congestion and improve transportation options for commuters.